Haiti Project supported by The Hamilton Road Guild

Logo of the GuildMission International is a Christian missionary charity based in Dundee. It was started in 2006 by Hugh Henderson MBE in order to improve the material and spiritual lives of some of the poorest communities around the world. Our Vision is to be ambassadors for the poor around the world and to encourage as many people as possible in this country to help meet their needs.

The Haiti Project began in 2010 working with a local Christian church in the North eastern town of Ouanaminthe. The aim of the project is to construct a multipurpose building to be used as a school, community centre and new church centre. The country of Haiti is amongst the poorest countries in the world and has one of the lowest literacy rates. Education for children and for adults is a priority to help Haitians reach their full potential and build a better future for themselves. The primary school, the community centre and the church will help achieve this.

With the prayer support of the Church of Scotland Guild together with the raising of awareness of the plight of the Haitian people, we hope to make a real practical and spiritual difference to the people of Quanaminthe.

Our project All Friends Together is about helping churches to welcome people with learning difficulties and include them in all aspects of church life and to build friendships with Jesus and with other church members. For some churches, they have started a group, within the church, aimed at adults with learning disabilities and there is potential for many more groups.

People with learning disabilities often have few or no friends but we can change that Guild members can give a clear lead to society in general about how to include and value people of all abilities it is a very exciting opportunity.

People with learning disabilities have many gifts and talents to contribute to church life. As we offer friendship, people will have confidence to use their gifts. All our lives will be enriched as we get to know more about Jesus and each other.